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In the single-player version of Covert Word, you play against the computer in an attempt to guess the secret word.

When you start the game, you select the word-length that you want to play. The options range from a 2-letter word to a 6-letter word. A random word of the English language (of the chosen length) is selected behind the scenes. There are thousands of possible words, so it will most likely be a different word every time you play.

Once in the game, use the box at the bottom of the screen to type in a guess. A guessed word must be a real word in the English language, and of the correct length. When you guess a word, it will display in the main area of the screen, and will be assigned a number, which represents how many correct letters you have in the correct positions.

A guessed word with 0 correct letters will be dark red in colour. A guessed word with 1 correct letter will be light-green. The more letters correct, the darker the green will be.

If you think you have figured out what one of the letters are, you can put that letter in one of the "Identified letters" boxes at the top of the screen, to make it easier to remember that letter. Also, if you want to "rule out" a certain letter in the guess-list, simply tap the letter to cross it out. Tap it again to un-cross it.

If you correctly guess the word and win the game, you will be told how many guesses and how much time it took you to win. You will also be given the option to view the definition of the word.

If you are fed up with trying to win and want to give up, just tap the "Give Up" button, and the secret word will be revealed and also the option to view the word definition.

The game also includes various sound effects.

If you are still confused, don't worry - the app includes a "Tutorial Mode", which helps you get to know how the game works.

A 3-letter game in progress on an iPhone:

3 letter game
A 5-letter game in progress on an iPhone:

5 letter game

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